Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carrot Soup Fail

I have been trying to use my "Chopped" skills and use up as much as I can of the perishables in my fridge before going on vacation. I found amongst the few remaining options: carrots and ginger. I thought they'd be a great combo and set on making a soup for my Saturday lunch. There are many gingered carrot soups out there so I browsed through a bunch of recipes and picked parts that seemed to be what I was looking for... It was beautiful looking (see the picture?) but didn't taste right. I tried several things to fix it but still didn't succeed. It was edible but not good. I just couldn't post it. Even you few, valued readers deserve something better. I rarely won't finish a soup... and I didn't finish this one. I did, however, happen to knock several ingredients on the floor, including spilling cream all over my rug and my freshly mopped floor, missed the garbage more than once and sprayed myself with water during this ordeal. I decided I needed a break from cooking.  So sorry guys, no new soup this week. Go watch an episode of "Chopped" and see how much better they do with their mystery ingredients. 

Anyone else have a good recipe for carrot soup that turns out well?


  1. I remember really liking the carrot soup recipe from Samantha's section of the American Girl Cookbook. It's been a long while since I've made it, but I have been wanting to try it again.

    There is a link to the recipe here:

    1. Looking at it now, though, I'd probably add a few things. Onions and garlic for sure.