Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Started

I love cooking. I make all kinds of things, but often I come back to soups. They are one of the most versatile of foods. Soups are comfort food. They can be simple and very forgiving if you don't measure ingredients accurately. They are your best friend in cold winter months (and believe me, Utah has plenty of those, thanks to the "greatest snow on earth") and are underutilized in the summer. They can be an appetizer, 1st course or main course. They can be adapted and created easily. They can be spicy or mild, salty or sweet, very rich or wholesome and healthy. Lastly, they can run the range of quick last-minute budget meal or a gourmet dinner guest meal.

Once the blog idea came to me, I sat down and tried to write out all the soups I could remember making/having: I got all the way to 56...enough for a one post every week of a year and then some. What an interesting project for 2012. Some soups I have made many, many times. Some I've never made myself but remember enjoying-I will definitely do my homework and figure them out before posting. After a year, we'll see if anyone out there wants more...