Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Menus

Do you ever look at the weather report to make your menu plans for the week?  Am I weird?  Is it just a dietitian thing?  I love organization so it just makes more sense to me to do that. I like the feeling of knowing exactly what we are making when we get home from work since there is often little time to dilly-dally before Ben has to head off to school in the evening. In theory, it would also mean we would only take 1 trip to the grocery store each week. I admit, that isn't necessarily true, but a good thought. I have learned lately that having a husband in the house that also eats stuff in the fridge for snacks/lunches, that my carefully planned meals around a certain ingredient/leftover have to be either changed or replenished. (I was certain that we had a whole bunch of tortillas left last time I looked...) I'm sure someday when we have teenagers, I might give up trying to be creative on using things that might "go bad" because nothing will ever last that long. We don't stick to our menu like glue, there are always things that come up, but it is a good guide for me.

Does anyone else make up weekly menus?  What are the determining factors as to what ends up on your menu? Do you have theme nights or a rotation?

I usually include:
- at least one new recipe I've seen in a magazine or on my favorite recipe blogs
- items to use up large leftover ingredients (extra cooked ground beef, etc)
- items to use up bulk produce that needs to get used up (either from Costco or Bountiful Baskets that my in-laws give us) 
- one vegetarian meal
- and then consider the weather (usually planning my soup for a rainy/snowy day). I only make soup at most once a week now so my poor husband doesn't get "souped-out".

P.S. Thursday or Friday is supposed to be rainy and cold...

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  1. hahaha that is so funny! You are Missy are very alike. She used to wake up early before high school to watch the weather channel so she could decide what to wear.