Sunday, February 17, 2013

To my few readers

For those who didn't know, this blog was started as a year-long project of 2012 to post a soup every week. This was just as much for selfish reasons (to force myself to write down my creations so I could recreate them later) as it was to share my favorite recipes with others.  I got close to meeting this goal, missing a few weeks here and there due to health issues or a myriad of new soups that failed (still looking for an awesome lentil soup recipe... the many I tried throughout the year were less-than-exciting and not worth sharing).

Surprisingly enough, I still get a few hits on this blog even since I stopped actively posting to it so someone must like at least looking at my recipes... I have decided that since I didn't quite get my planned 52 soups up, and added several to my list to try throughout the year, I will be adding a few more recipes over time, just at a slower pace, so I don't have to stress about meeting some sort of silly deadline I created for myself.  You are welcome to stay connected and benefit while I slowly but surely keep adding to my soup recipe files. Maybe you'll even find a new favorite recipe or two for yourself!


  1. i can't remember if i shared with you, or maybe you've already tried it- my favorite lentil soup is ina garten's recipe:

  2. I had a friend finally ask me what kind of lentils I was using... brown ones from the grocery store. Aha! I think that might be my problem. I could make the most wonderful smelling or looking lentil soups (which isn't that easy I hear) but they all had a bit too much of an earthy taste even if I rinsed them (ok they tasted like dirt). I think I'll head to Whole Foods tomorrow to try red or green lentils (like that recipe shows) and probably have much better success. Thanks for the recipe Sestro!