Thursday, February 2, 2012

Souped up Ramen

This one is for all those cooks with a time crunch and tight budget, or without a good workable kitchen. It is not the most exciting of soups, but a satisfying one-dish meal with a little more nutrition than the alternative.  I made this a lot as a college student or when I was really sick and didn't have the energy for much more than this. All of the ingredients need minimal prep and you get some color and veggies!

First, you take simple ramen noodles. Wait! Don't open the bag yet. Just get your water boiling. I like to crush the noodles with the heel of my hand into bite size pieces so I don't have to eat my soup with a fork to get the noodles. 
Then you can open the bag and separate the seasoning packet. Put the noodles into the boiling water and wait for about 1 minute. Crack an egg right into the soup and mix it up so you see strands of egg white floating up with the noodles within a minute.

Add your chopped cooked chicken (if you have leftovers-don't cook chicken just for this) and a fresh chopped tomato. After about 4 minutes, it is done. Don't cook it more than that or your noodles will start to break down and get more mushy. Then add your seasoning (I like to use only 1/2 of the packet they provide and then add a little more flavors of my own (fresh cracked pepper, garlic salt, or red pepper flakes are probably my favorites to give it extra kick). Then throw in the fresh spinach to wilt it just before pouring it in a big bowl and reminiscing about college days.

Souped Up Ramen
1 package ramen noodles (I like the chicken flavor but use whatever you like)
2 cups water
1 egg
2 oz of shredded or chopped chicken (cooked)
1 fresh tomato
large handful of fresh spinach
cracked black pepper
dash of red pepper flakes
dash of garlic salt

Add noodles to boiling water in pot. Cook for 1 minute. Crack egg into boiling pot, mix. Add chicken, tomatoes and spices. Cook 2 more minutes and remove from heat. Add spinach right before serving. 

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